Mommy's Choice DayCare



Philosophy On Discipline

I prefer to use re-direction outside of time outs. Removing the child from the situaiton, helping the child to understand he/she as other ways of handling a situation. Re-direction allows the child space to compromise and share with another child. Positive re-enforcement teaches a child love and patience.

Philosophy On Teaching

I love to teach through play. I provide stories, songs, a complete educational program where the children learn through verbal teaching, and through visonary tools. Utilizing all their sm/large motor skills. We have puppet shows, outdoor picnics, directional activities for the children. Lots of hands on things for them to do. We also include dance, and excersie in our regular daily routines. We teach the children phonics,  ABC's, reading, writing. This also includes signing. Math, Science, and social Studies. We have a full Preschool/Kindergarten Curriculum to help prepare the children for their journey into Kindergarten. What's most important to me, is that each child can see their own greatness within themselves! Builiding on their own self-esteem, and their own self-confidence, allowing the children to take on being leaders in their own little lives! When they go to school they are already confident in who they are, and what they know, and most importantly their social skills in community, being comfortable with their peers, their proctors. Setting the children up for sucess in school is giving them the tools to suceed in life in their early years!

Philosophy On Toilet-Training

We assist in potty-training! Once (parent/provider) determine your child is ready and he/she has started the process at home, we help you to acheive your goal with your child's potty training in daycare. It takes longer to achieve this goal if your child becomes frustrated with potty training and fights against Parent, and Provider. This happens when we start the process before the child is ready to understand what their role in potty trainging needs to be. My goal is to acheive over all sucess in potty training on the first try, a win-win for Child, Parent, and Provider!